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A Poem for Spring

Springtime Poem by Alfred Rollins King Year 1938

Imagine my delight when my mother arrived with bags of "mystery" items. The first item I happened to grab was this weathered poem. It was written by her French-Canadian grandfather in 1938. Upon reading it, I was immediately struck by his reverence for nature. Based on glimpses provided by my mother, I knew he was keen on the joys of the great outdoors, but this was tangible proof. I never knew he wrote about it. This seems to be a validation of what I'm trying to do with Floramont, letting people know the importance of nature to our well-being. It is a heritage all of us can share.

Be sure to take time out to admire the greenery outside. Even looking out the window is beneficial. Or, you can relish the memories of previous days outdoors, maybe even writing a poem about it for future generations to enjoy!


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