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Flowers on French Stamps

Colder temperatures allow us to cultivate indoor activities, and one such activity allows us to enjoy flowers from the comfort of our chairs. This lovely stamp from France is one example.

French Horticulture Stamp 1977

This stamp was issued in 1977 to commemorate 150 years of " La Société nationale d'horticulture" originating in 1827. It was designed by Huguette Sainson and engraved by Jean Pheulpin. France is known for having some of the best artists and engravers within philatelic circles (philately encompasses stamps and postal history). Diving into French philately is such a treat for anyone who appreciates art and technical skills, as you can see by this stamp. Not only do you see nice flowers and colors, but if you look closely, you can see people working in a formal French garden.

Even though this stamp was issued in 1977, you may be able to find it, because 8 million stamps were issued with this design. France is still producing lovely stamps, and many French-speaking countries have issued equally beautiful stamps. During the early-to-mid 1900's, several Francophone countries utilized the same designers and engravers from France. Somehow, they were able to reflect the individual cultures of these places. If you are looking for stamps specifically related to landscapes, gardens, and horticulture, then you will find a wide variety from these countries.

It's easy to lament the colder weather's effect on our flowers and landscape, but the world of philately allows us to immerse ourselves into another kind of botanical paradise!


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