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Happy Easter! Joyeuses Pâques!

Narcissus Flower

This holiday seems like a good time to pay homage to the religious orders that were vital to the success of New France/Québec. Especially in the early days, nuns and priests braved the wilderness of Canada to build cabins, schools, and hospitals. They started farms so they could feed the numerous students, patients, and visitors, including chiefs from Native American tribes. There is also evidence that nuns studied botany, because they were well-versed in creating remedies for apothecaries, a much-needed service during times of war and illness. Eventually, they hired staff to help work at the farms, and numerous gardeners were hired by religious hospitals.

While we are discussing religious orders, those of you with Québecois heritage may be interested in a free genealogy database dedicated to finding various nuns and priests in your family tree. Sometimes, it is difficult to include all the siblings of your ancestors, because there could be fewer records indicating their existence, particularly if they entered a religious order at a young age and changed their name. Thanks to the Sociéte de Généalogie Saint-Hubert, you can search for those elusive relatives by clicking this link at Clergénéalogie.

Again, Joyeuses Pâques! Translation: Happy Easter!


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