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Where is this going?

Winter gives us a chance to hibernate and take stock of our endeavors. Luckily, pretty camellias can be found during cooler temperatures. Just like the one in this picture, camellias show us that we can keep blooming during cold seasons, too.

As for this journal, perhaps it is time to push forth a new set of blooms. Initially, Floramont started with the idea of exploring French history and culture in North America, primarily within the context of landscapes and gardens. For example, we discussed a Frenchman named André Michaux who brought flowers like camellias to the United States. French influences can be found in so many parts of North America, and it has been interesting to make the connections between French culture originating abroad, and then discovering how others are keeping the culture and language alive on this side of the Atlantic Ocean, particularly in our homes and gardens.

Let's be honest, though. Nobody really cares what I have learned and wish to share about this topic. While I do not intend to abandon this journal, I am shifting gears. After the next article commemorates 100 posts, there will be changes.


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