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2023 Virginia Garden Week April 15-22

One of the highlights of Spring in the South is just around the corner! The Garden Club of Virginia will hold its 90th Historic Garden Week in 2023 to be held April 15-22.

Dogwood Bloom
The State Flower of Virginia: Dogwood

While it's virtually impossible to visit every garden on this multi-day tour, each region is packed with homes and gardens awaiting your arrival! The Historic Garden Week 2023 Guidebook contains more than 100 pages of options ranging from coastal gardens to mountain vistas and everything in between. If you want to visit as many gardens as possible throughout Virginia, then consider the FLOWER Magazine State Pass to save money and receive a special price for subscribing to the magazine (details here). Otherwise, you can sign up for various tours here.

Seriously, how many other states graciously open their gates and doors to thousands of people? The volunteers with the Garden Club of Virginia go to such great lengths to preserve and celebrate the history of Virginia's multi-faceted landscape while ensuring its future by providing funds for activities such as research fellowships for budding landscape architects. Virginia, you make me proud to call you my birthplace. No matter how much your landscape changes, dear Virginia, you will always be in my heart.


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