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Disneyland Rose

While many of us may not visit Disneyland, we can enjoy a bit of it in our own yards by growing the Disneyland Rose!

Disneyland Rose

The magic of Disneyland is evident based on one glance of its manicured gardens full of colorful flowers. Some of those flowers are likely to be the Disneyland Rose, specificallly bred for the popular theme park. If it met Disney's standards, then you know this rose had to meet strict criteria. Luckily, we had a chance to grow this multi-colored rose, but it did not survive transplanting after spending a few years in a container. The rose came from a nursey further south, and it performed well in its container, but it was not happy to share the limelight while sharing soil with other roses. Other than a miniature rose, this was the first time I transplanted a shrub rose after tending to it in a container, so perhaps I did something wrong. Hindsight says I should have planted it elsewhere, because it kept its compact size while surrounding hybrid tea roses were stealing the show.

Yes, this is an American-bred rose, but look closely, and you will find French roots. The Ami Quinard rose, found in other modern-day roses, was bred by Charles Mallerin in France in 1927. Other articles in this series mention his close ties to the famous Meilland rose growers. French roses make an appearance in so many rose family trees, so is it surprising to find their connection to the lineage of a rose associated with an American icon?


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