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Finding Joseph's Coat in the Rose Garden

If you turn the corner into our driveway, you will find Joseph's Coat on a trellis. This rather prolific bloomer may not have the strongest scent, but you will be dazzled by its many bright colors.

An initial glance at this rose's family tree may not indicate any French heritage, but one must not give up so easily! Further down the lines, you will find a rose named Golden Rapture on two different branches. One parent is aptly named Rapture, which was a sport of Madame Butterfly, which was yet another sport of the French-bred Ophelia along with a seedling of Antoine Rivoire, whose heritage boasts even more French roses. The other parent of Golden Rapture was another French rose named after the French industrialist, Julien Potin. Further research reveals additional French roses such as Souvenir de Claudius Pernet, Orléans, and Madame Norbert Lavasseur.

If you see the Joseph's Coat rose during cooler weather, then you may notice rose hips in brilliant shades of orange. These clusters add just the right touch of color to an autumn-themed bouquet. Recently, while choosing such clusters for a friend's gift, I wondered what roses would emerge if they were planted in the garden. Who knows what French genes are lurking within the seeds of those lovely rose hips?


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