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French Immersion Weekend

Engraving of lady enjoying fragrance of flowers
Femme humant le parfum des fleurs, courtesy of Bibliothèque et Archives Nationales Québec

The theme for this year's International Francophonie Week is centered upon the French language. If you don't speak or read French, you can immerse yourself in the language by watching subtitled movies and using translation apps to read French websites. A quick search for wines and vineyards of France can lead to a surprising array of movies. As I searched for recommendations, I discovered I could not find movies I have watched in the past. Rather than lead you to a website link that may no longer work, I will share a few links to virtual museums offered in both French and English:

There are several excellent virtual tours of Versailles. The first tour of this link gives an overview, including Chapter 3 which is devoted to the Art of Gardens. The tour includes audio, so be sure to keep it low if others are not listening. While most of us did not have ancestors with gardens like these, there is nothing wrong with seeking inspiration from some of the best!

If you are seeking something a bit more spiritual, then here's the link for you:

Nuns in Québec often kept gardens to benefit their communities. As a matter of fact, their gardens were crucial to the survival of Québec's earliest settlements. This link, provided by Digital Museums Canada, gives us a glimpse into one of these gardens and the ladies devoted to helping members of the community. There is a bit of audio you can play in a few clips, but I found it difficult to understand. However, the photos throughout the exhibit are interesting. My favorite photos include the handwritten excerpt from one of the recipe books, and then there is Sister Ida-de-Jésus with her chickens! And be sure to see the photo of Fido, the Sisters' faithful friend!

J'espère que tu apprécie cela! Translation: I hope you enjoy this!


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