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Interested in French-Canadian Cooking?

We can talk a lot about what has been grown in Québec, as we did in Boucherville, an Agriculturist's Dream (and Reality). Would you like to see more about cooking during the early days of places like New France, particularly ones utilizing the natural bounty of the environment?

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If so, then let's see what Madame Charles Rouillard had to say in the preface of her 1884 book, Collection de Recettes Éprouvées, Les plus en usage dans les meilleures cuisines du Canada et des Etats-Unis. This translates as Collection of Proven Recipes, Most used in the best kitchens in Canada and the United States.

Original French text:

Aux Dames

L'art de bien faire la cuisine, mes Dames, est si difficile que j'ai pensé vous être utile en vous présentant ce petit recueil de recettes compilées aux prix de beaucoup de temps et de travail. Elles ont toutes été éprouvées et je n'ai nul doute qu'en les lisant avec soin et en suivant les directions y contenues, vous réussirez à faire tous les plats qui y sont décrits avec succès. Vous aurez alors une table que vous envirait plus d'un riche, tout en restant dans les bornes d'une saine économie. -Madame Chs. Rouillard

English translation:

To the Ladies

The art of good cooking, ladies, is so difficult that I thought it would be useful to you by presenting to you this little collection of recipes compiled at the cost of a lot of time and work. They have all been tried and tested and I have no doubt that by reading them carefully and following the directions therein, you will succeed in making all the dishes that have been described with success. You will then have a table that surrounds you more than a rich person, while remaining within the limits of a healthy economy.

Wouldn't you agree with Madame Rouillard? Having a table with delicious home-cooked food can certainly make you feel like a success. What if we started looking at recipes from our predecessors while practicing our French skills? If this sounds interesting, then contact me, and we will start looking at authentic French-Canadian recipes, with translations, of course!


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