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International Francophonie Week!

Let's celebrate International Francophonie Week during March 17th through March 25th of 2021! This week has been set aside to celebrate the French language and culture throughout the world. There is also one day set aside for celebration on March 20th, in case you are facing a very busy week. This is a holiday for everyone, whether or not you have French heritage!

There are many ways to celebrate. Enjoying French wine and cheese is undoubtedly one way to appreciate the culture, of course! As for the Floramont Journal, French-themed articles will be posted throughout next week. There will be descriptions of historic regions in France known for crops such as flowers and vineyards, profiles of Québécois and Acadian ancestors, and attempted translations of old records handwritten in French. This will be like a French immersion week at Floramont, so feel free to subscribe to the journal, or just check-up every now and then. Hopefully, you will learn something new, so you can experience a bit of that "joie de vivre" enjoyed by people of French heritage, especially in relation to the beauty of our natural environments!


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