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Lessons from a Rose

While gazing upon the latest round of September roses, a pleasant surprise was waiting at the end of the garden. This rose finally bloomed this year!

Dark Coral Rose Bloom

Some gardeners advise removing roses that are not performing well, and this advice is suitable in some circumstances. However, I could not give up on this rose. Its short height of 15 inches (around 38 centimeters) is dwarfed by neighboring roses reaching almost 7 feet tall (over 2 meters). While their bright red blooms reach for the sky, this sweetheart is brightening the ground with its pleasant scent. Every rose deserves its place in the sun.

What's the lesson in all this? Some people, like flowers, are late bloomers. However, if you are accustomed to most things going swimmingly, you may come across something that eludes you. Sometimes, you have to follow nature's lead and slow down. Be patient with yourself. You never know what beauty awaits!


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