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Memorial Weekend

United States Flag Sunny Day

When sifting through genealogy records, it is fascinating to learn about the cultures of other nations. However, it is just as important to honor your own country. Floramont is fortunate to be located in the United States. Is it a perfect country? No, it has issues just like every other country on Planet Earth! Nonetheless, it is a blessing to live here.

When our ancestors have migrated to other areas, they adjusted by planting different crops more suited to their new localities. They learned through trial and error, although some were lucky enough to ask others. In the United States, many early settlers relied upon Native Americans who knew the country better than most anyone. Has it been a bumpy ride since the early days? You bet. Going further, some of our ancestors made the ultimate sacrifice during various wars. So naturally, Floramont is tremendously grateful for the loyal members of the United States Military. They are the ones who deserve this Memorial Weekend.


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