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Rio Samba Rose

The Rio Samba rose lives up to its colorful name, displaying a multitude of ever-changing colors. This reliable rose continues to bloom long past party season, too. If you have visitors to your garden, then they are likely to see Rio Samba blooms regardless of weather conditions. Turns out, some French rose party genes are on display!

Yellow Orange Rose

After doing research of other roses in this series, it became clear that certain French roses result in successful offspring. In this case, the Rio Samba rose includes Golden Ophelia, which was bred from Ophelia, a name that often appears in France and the family trees of roses. Another common rose in family trees is Golden Rapture with its thoroughly French parentage. Its positive attributes helped make the Rio Samba a popular choice among rose growers.

If one had to make rose recommendations to a new rose grower, then the Rio Samba rose should be near the top of the list. Here in the southern United States, it is hardy and reliable. Even when it has leaf spotting from humidity, the blooms will produce a variety of colors. The blooms seem happier outside instead of sitting in a vase indoors, another reason why they live up to their name! The Rio Samba rose is truly a carnival of bright delights!


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