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The Promise of Peonies

Pink Peony

When you see peonies in certain parts of the United States, like the Virginia-Carolina border, then you know Spring is marching right along! Originally, this article was going to have a serious tone about DNA software, but when I looked at this peony photo, the topic just seemed a bit much. Even though this photo was taken a few years ago, I just came back from looking at the same set of peonies, beautifully blooming yet again. I don't know who planted them, but sometimes, you can see varieties like this growing on homesteads. However, they can be tricky for new growers. That's why I am grateful someone planted these so long ago. Once peonies decide they like a spot, they don't like being moved, as I tried to do with one of these. And the ants! Peonies have a symbiotic relationship with ants, so be careful if you ever bring them into your home!

Just a side note, that's sweet and loyal Lyla in the top-right corner of the photo. She does not seem to share my penchant for flowers, but she watches my surroundings while I get lost in admiration for butterflies and such!

This year, odd temperatures have made some plants appear later than usual, but the peonies kept their promise to bloom another year! Happy Spring!


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