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A French Rose: Over The Moon

The rose known as 'Over the Moon' was created in France by the third-generation rose grower, Pierre Orard. This Hybrid tea rose consists of sumptuous petals in a calming shade of apricot. The fragrance is not strong, but it is rather appealing. The online consensus seems to indicate a light scent with fruity overtones. Perhaps a bit like pear, in my opinion. The parents had an unlikely combination of names. 'Christopher Columbus' and 'Cleopatra' were from different historical periods, but both demonstrated strong perseverance, much like their 'Over the Moon' offspring.

It has been six years since my first set of Hybrid tea roses were planted. That does not include the experimental tree rose I planted almost two decades ago, which did not survive the winter. This time, we were armed with an educational DVD and numerous rose books. The roses did fine for the first few years, but these grafted varieties were not as hardy as the own-root Hybrid teas planted a year later. However, this 'Over the Moon' rose has proven to be an exception to the rule. It may not be a prolific bloomer, particularly in higher temperatures, but it endures to bring a few autumn flowers each year.

Out of all the original roses planted that first year, I would recommend 'Over the Moon' along with the yellow 'Eternal Flame' rose, although that one did not show the same rate of survival as 'Over the Moon.' Bear in the mind this recommendation is based on minimal fertilizer feedings and zero pesticides. These first roses were planted in a special rose soil mix blended into the existing high-clay ground. In other words, they were given a good beginning, but they had to prove whether or not they could handle the heat and humidity of the southern United States. Considering these roses were bred in France, it is impressive that they have survived this climate.


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