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At Home in the Vineyard

Nest with Blue Bird Egg in Grapevine

The day after I posted the article Celebrating Your Roots with Grapevines, I walked through Cabernet Lane in the little vineyard. Imagine my surprise when I found this nest tucked amongst a Cabernet Franc vine! It was so sweet to find a little blue bird's egg in it, too! Some people may prefer to keep birds out of the vines, but I'm taking after my mom's Grandpa King on this one. A few years ago, I tried to install bird netting. It was a mess! Then, a little bird got stuck in the netting. Luckily, it escaped after I fiddled with the net, but I told myself to never use bird netting again. This is a trial vineyard, anyway, and I'm glad to provide grapes to the little birds, just like Grandpa King. There's so much logging happening near here, and much of the land is anticipated to become part of a solar panel compound for the next several decades. Where will the little birds go?


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