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Cultivating Our Family Trees

Floramont is the place where we can explore the botanical background of our family trees. We look at genealogical source documentation while exploring the kinds of flowers, trees, and crops grown by our ancestors. Who knows? Perhaps some of them tended vineyards while establishing a reputation for making some of the best local wine in a given region. Learning how our ancestors connected to nature is one way to cultivate our family trees, quite literally!

This is the first post in the Floramont Journal, so it seems appropriate to share a little background about why I started this journal. I have always been interested in horticulture, but I often encounter difficulties when trying to tend my own plants. Despite my increasingly worsening allergies or bouts with poison ivy, I keep wanting to surround myself with nature. My grandfather was the same way. He insisted on maintaining his own gardens and building his own terraces, whilst keeping his white handkerchief within easy reach. He constantly coped with sniffles while "playing" in the yard. He took extra precautions, never knowing when he may have the slightest encounter with poison ivy or sumac. Yet, the drive to be surrounded by nature seems to be genetic, based on what I have observed in my family, and it seems that many others have that same wiring of DNA. Our family trees may not have the same individual names, but many of us feel an affinity for the beauty of our surroundings.

What can you expect of the Floramont Journal? For now, we will look at individual profiles of families with documented connections to nature, such as the "cultivateurs" of Québec and Acadia, viticulturists from various regions across the globe, industrious farmers of the Midwestern United States, and many others. Along the way, we will discuss the genealogical source documentation leading to such discoveries, thereby helping you trace similar stories for your family tree. Basically, we will discuss how to find sources of materials for both your family tree and your gardens! After all, wouldn't it be nice to feel connected to your ancestors by looking beyond the family tree chart and growing some of the same items they grew? If you agree, then you've come to the right place. Welcome to Floramont!


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