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Fragrant Cloud Roses

Just like clouds in the sky, Fragrant Cloud roses appear in different forms. A simple internet search yields many shades of coral, but they seem to agree that this rose earns it name due to its lovely scent.

Coral rose

The success of this rose straddles a fine line between USDA Zone 7a and 7b. We are in Zone 7a, which means we get slightly colder winter temperatures than Zone 7b. It is reported that this rose in hardy up to Zone 7b, and I would tend to agree with that. However, coral roses are some of my favorites, and this one lends a tropical air to the garden. If you are willing to provide extra winter protection north of Zone 7b, then this may be a good choice if you are striving for a more "lush" look in the summer.

This fragrant rose is the result of roses mentioned in the family trees of others with French roots, such as the popular Peace rose. If you have read any other rose-related articles in this journal, then you will find its name numerous times. The French rose-growing Meilland family found a winner in the Peace rose, and it has led to other winners for other rose breeders. The Fragrant Cloud rose also includes the Ami Quinard rose, bred by Charles Mallerin, a close friend and collaborator with the Meilland family. These roses appear in other lineages featured in this series. One may get tired to seeing the same names of French roses over and over, but it lends credence to the idea of "success begets success!"

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