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French Peace Brings Us a Super Star

The title of this article may sound like an act of diplomacy, but it's just stating a plain fact. The French rose bred by Meilland known as 'Peace' is the parent of the 'Super Star' rose, also known as 'Tropicana.' The 'Peace' rose was featured in this journal (see Roses of France). It is no surprise to learn that 'Peace' is used for rose breeding due to its disease resistance and persistent blooming in sub-par conditions.

Coral Rose

When the coral 'Super Star' ('Tropicana') rose was introduced in France in 1960, it was known as 'Super-Star Brigette Bardot' until that name was no longer allowed to be used, hence being released as 'Super Star' and 'Tropicana.' This was one of many roses introduced by Grandes Roseraies du Val de la Loire, the once-thriving business devoted to growing varieties of rose and clematis. This entity had multiple nurseries across the Loire Valley, creating numerous popular roses over decades.

Sadly, the founding family of this much-lauded establishment had to sell the location of the initial nursery due to increasing land development pressures in the area. The land was overtaken by a building with multiple housing units. I had to see the difference on GoogleMaps, so I looked up the address: 20 Rue des Anguignis, Orléans, France. Yes, there is a large building there now. When you look at prior dates on the Street View, you can go back to May 2011. There, you can see pastel pink flowers next to the lovely gate, reaching for the sky. They help to conceal a charming French home, where you can only catch glimpses beyond the gate and greenery. Now, the roses and the house are gone.

All is not lost, though. If you go to the Loire Valley, look for La Route de la Rose. As the name suggests, there is a tourism route honoring the rose industry, both past and present. Watch this short video, and try telling me you are not ready to visit right now!


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