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Roses of France

Today, Floramont will celebrate International Francophonie Week by immersing ourselves into the world of French roses, often grown by several generations of the same families.

Rosarians across the globe know about the Meilland International family, known for breeding hardy yet fragrant roses for more than a century. Perhaps you have seen their 'Peace' rose, first introduced to the United States in 1945 during the final year of World War II. This pretty rose continues to appear in gardens today. The one appearing in the photo above was planted just a few years ago. Just as advertised, it has proven to be resistant to disease

with a lovely, clean fragrance.

Meilland International started its rose enterprise in Lyon, France during the late 1800's when gardener Joseph Rambaux bred a variety known as 'Perle d'Or' which is translated as Pearl of Gold. This is still a popular rose today, earning a strong reputation for its hardiness. Many, many more roses have been bred by the prolific House of Meilland, employing hundreds of people devoted to research and production. As a matter of fact, the sixth generation of the family is currently devoted to sharing its legacy with the rest of us. Based on the photo above, it seems the roses will continue to bring much success to the Meilland family.

France seems to have an ideal climate for growing roses, but as we have seen with the Meilland family's roses, some of those French beauties can do just as well across the pond. Another breeder, Bizot, bred the ever-popular 'Zéphirine Drouhin,' an almost thornless variety introduced in 1868. Today, rose lovers in places such as England and the United States are often fans of this fragrant pink rose. It is amazing to think that one person's efforts can lead to so much beauty for the rest of the world to enjoy, even centuries later. Thank you, France, for sharing such a lovely legacy with the rest of the world!


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