• Rebecca Drew

How to Help Ukraine

This situation in Ukraine is unacceptable. We must stand with the brave Ukrainians. Below, you will find a link to resources to help in various ways. The first link will direct you to Resources to Support Communities Affected by Invasion of Ukraine at the website known as Bois de Jasmin, belonging to the multi-talented Victoria Frolova. She has gathered a comprehensive list of resources.

Next, you will find another one of her articles, Where My Jasmine Forest Blooms. We must keep in mind the beauty of Ukraine, and while I have never been there, this article provides a guiding post for this brave nation's recovery. If you have friends or family from Ukraine, perhaps you can direct them to this article, so they can be reminded of good memories.

Bois de Jasmin: Resources to Support Communities Affected by Invasion of Ukraine

Bois de Jasmin: Where My Jasmine Forest Blooms

I will admit, I have felt helpless as I watch the scenes unfolding in Ukraine. I am in absolute awe of so many of the people, like the Guardian's article about a lady named Alisa, whose family carried their senior German Shepherd on their shoulders while fleeing to the Polish border. As the dog struggled to walk, they chose to carry him rather than abandon him. All this while traveling with several other family members. Then, I feel complete anger when I hear about specific situations. I started to describe some of those situations, but if you are a caring and informed person, then I don't need to explain.

This makes me think of Acadia, and what happened to those people so long ago when the British crown invaded their peaceful communities. When I see images of Ukrainian people on carts and stretchers, it makes me think of Acadian stories about older parents being pushed on carts amidst the confusion of Le Grand Dérangement. It is unbelievable to watch this happening in the 21st Century. I don't know what else to say, other than Glory to Ukraine.

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