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Mystery Rose Winter Update

Earlier, we teased a mystery about an unidentified rose.

pink roses

No, these are not recent blooms of the mystery rose, because this photo was taken years before its removal. Besides, we are still in the midst of winter, so no blooms are expected from any rose. This is an update about the rooted cuttings taken from the original rose shrub mentioned during January. Those cuttings are performing remarkably well, keeping their lush dark green foliage despite their small size.

Recently, I saw a video about the roses at the Léonie Bell Rose Garden, which is located in Virginia at the Thomas Jefferson Center for Historic Plants near his home at Monticello. Many of the roses were developed after Jefferson's death, although I am sure he would appreciate what has been planted there now, particularly the French varieties. Numerous historical accounts refer to his love of French culture. This admiration of France is obvious today at Monticello despite the passage of two centuries. When talking about historical landmarks in the Virginia, it is easy to digress.

Getting back to the roses, I watched the video tour of the Leonie Bell Rose Garden, conducted by Plant Curator of Monticello, Peggy Cornett. I thought I saw a rose that looked like this mystery rose. Yet, when I reviewed the video, there was not another one like it. The rose's identity remains elusive. Regardless, this mystery rose is a survivor, for sure. If these little rose cuttings can endure cold weather, then we can do the same.


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