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The Floramont Journal Summer Finale

Back in June, the Floramont Journal mentioned the importance of taking action to preserve land for wildlife. This has become an ever-important focus for Floramont, thus leading to the final summer post for this journal.


While it has been fun to explore the historical affect of nature on various groups in North America, the reality is that more work is required to preserve the natural environment. We see increasing numbers of wildlife due to land clearing and development. Most days, it seems like greed will prevail, but we can still help. We can feed birds and provide fresh water (albeit, this is challenging if you help stray cats, too). We can enroll land in conservation programs, or support environmentally-friendly organizations. We can encourage young children to be curious about the outdoors. Each of us can do something, if we care. Let's make it our summer mission to do what we can for our natural surroundings before the busy autumn season.

May God bless your endeavors, and may God bless the nature and wildlife of this precious Planet Earth. Meanwhile, we will wait for the autumn harvest, as well as new postings to this journal!


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