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The Key is Land Conservation

A few articles ago, we talked about the importance of a Landscape Legacy. It's not enough to talk about landscape stories. We must take action to conserve the land.

Butterfly on Marigold

Looking back on it, this journal was started to help people connect the dots between their landscape and culture. Putting a French twist on it seemed fun, and it's still enjoyable to see how nature's bounty influenced French settlers in North America. However, it's not enough.

Here at Floramont, action will be taken by participating in conservation programs while continuing to plant wildlife-friendly landscapes. This includes maintaining naturalized areas while trying to strike a balance between human needs and the pressing needs of wildlife being banished from land converted to other uses elsewhere.

If we asked our predecessors, perhaps they would say it is not enough to just look at the culture and language of our environment. Does it even matter if you are not going to preserve the natural environment for the future? It's better to preserve the landscape rather than the stories, if you have to choose. Let's do both while we still can.


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