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French Culinary Terms

If we go by Floramont's current motto, Cultivating French Culinary Roots in North America, then we should familiarize ourselves with French culinary terminology, right? Well, now we can do that with our new list of French Culinary Terms!

Much of the French culinary terminology will come from two sources: Nouvelle Cuisinière Canadienne and Les Secrets de la Bonne Cuisine. Both cookbooks, available in the public domain from the Bibliothèque et Archives nationale du Québec, were aimed toward feeding households in Québec with an understanding of the types of food available in the uppermost regions of North America. You will be familiar with some of the terms already, because French techniques have influenced cooking throughout the world, especially North America. After learning these cooking terms, we will be better prepared to tackle the French-language phrases found in cookbook recipes!


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